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 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
(The CO-B Series )

Weighing using the Coriolis principle, using mass acceleration instead of gravity the Mass Flow Meter can weigh many materials, that traditionally causes problems, with very high repeatability and accuracy.

  • S-E-G ( Söderholm - Engström - Gustavsson) was founded in 1953

  • S-E-G is one of few companies in the world

  • specialist in industrial weighing

  • Over 60 weighing patent since start

  • Design and manufacturing in Sweden

Mass flow meter schema.png

Materials like potash, milk powder, starch, wood pellets, granulates and different types of minerals are often hard to weigh. The Mass Flow Meter from S-E-G uses mass acceleration instead of gravity to weigh, and can weigh traditionally difficult material, especially ones with fluctuating densities, with very high accuracy and repeatability.  S-E-G’s Mass Flow Meter type COB comes in sizes for capacities from 500 kg/h up to 100.000 kg/h.

Characterizing Features:

  • A true mass measuring device, not susceptible to material density and installation miscues.

  • Installed directly in a vertical material path, optionally together with a feeding device.

  • Fully enclosed for a clean working environment and no fragile parts in contact with material.

  • Few moving parts and a robust design assure stable calibration and a long lifetime.

  • Unmatched long-term repeatability makes it an ideal component in continuous measuring.

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