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Industrial Weighing Scales

Tamtron serves its customers in the manufacturing and process industry with scale products that are designed to fit challenging industrial environments and with whole weighing systems designed on demand, taking different steps of the process into account.

pcs scale.png

PCS Crane Scale

The Tamtron PCS crane scale is designed especially for lighter industrial weighing for loads of under 10,000 kg. The crane scale is light, which allows it to be moved effortlessly as required. The scale is controlled by a remote control device, which facilitates safe working. The weighing information is possible to save and transfer further for utilisation. The scale will give an accurate weighing result even if the load is swinging, which makes the weighing process easier and faster. This easy to use scale requires minimal set up and is ready for weighing as soon as it has been lifted onto a crane. This scale is approved for commercial weighing.

scs+crane scale.png

SCS+ Crane Scale

The type-approved Tamtron SCS+ crane scale is a durable scale which makes the weighing process easier and faster by giving accurate weighing results even when the load isn’t completely still. The scale is designed to weight from lighter loads of under 3,200 kg to heavier loads of up to 50,000 kg. A wireless remote-control device allows the scale to be used safely. The scale is approved for commercial weighing. The weighing results can be easily transferred to a computer for further use. A protective frame made of steel and a special version of the scale, developed especially for foundries, are also available.


Over Load Protection Unit (OPU)

The Overload Protection Unit is an overload indicator designed to help users avoid damage to equipment and personal injuries, and prevents the machine from getting damaged by stopping lifts if the crane is overloaded or the load gets stuck. The OPU can also be used for stability control: preventing a machine from falling due to being unbalanced.  With the load tracking function, the overall stress of the crane can be saved to the OPU’s memory, and information from any chosen period of time can be reviewed and utilised, to define optimal service intervals, for example. As an option, a 4–20 mA current signal amplifier is available, to allow for the signal to be read by a PLC..

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